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Hi guys Tom Pickering here of clearance and cleanup I wanted to run through our top house clearance Sheffield tips and how they can save you money and make the process less stress full

1. Make a list of all the bulky items e.g beds wardrobes tables chairs etc and categories these into saleable,charity,disposal be ruthless as most charity shops are filled to the brim and most company that want to buy items will offer very little money and take up a lot of your time so be sure that it’s worth it for you.

2. Bag up small items e.g clothes glassware etc this works for 2 reason 1 because it’s easier for the house Clearance company hence saves you money and 2 it gives you a good chance to look through all the draws and cupboards etc making sure you haven’t missed any important items.

3. Time scale and timing of the Clearance is important if it’s a property that is going up for sale some agents say leave it furnished others say empty it if it’s rented or council property they sometime have their own timing and rules find out which one works best for you.

4. Booking a house Clearance company always ask about Waste carriers licenses and check insurances,reviews are also a good indication to hiring a good company.

5. Give the Clearance company a in-depth list and ask to forward it to them via email also include any access issues I.e 3rd floor no parking etc so they can make a informed decision and quote accordingly. Ask them to confirm the price

6. If possible book a early slot as if their are any delays or problems you should be covered without having to return another day.

7. Before the house clearance Sheffield starts if possible walk the Clearance guys round making sure they are aware of all rooms and anything that isn’t to go get this clear at the beginning

8. Go and have a coffee and let them get on as each Clearance comes with a allocates time slot and extra time can be charged for,

9. On completion again walk round the property with the Clearance Guys and make sure nothing has being missed and you are happy.

10. Ask the Clearance company for a full Waste transfer note and a full invoice detailing their company number their vat number and their company address.

Right guys that's my top 10 house clearance Sheffield tips I hope they've been helpful for you if you have any more questions or you just want some advice please don't hesitate to contact us as Tom Pickering clearance and clean up thank you.

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