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A few hints and tips for you to effectively dispose of your old bathroom suite.

Have you just had a wonderful new bathroom fitted and need to dispose of your old one. Here are some friendly tips from the regions most reviewed waste collections company on how you can save yourself both hassle and money.

Bagging all loose items like old flooring and old tiles in heavy duty sacks, this will minimise the labour costs down on a clearance teams quote. this will also mean you don't end up with a large pile of mess in you rear garden or yard.

Any rubble should be swept up and bagged as well and kept separate from other waste . This allows us the easy recycle you inert rubble waste at the transfer station.

Save Money.

Having everything outside in a neat and ready to go pile will make the job quicker and easier and save you money. Check out waste removal Sheffield prices HERE. 

The top and bottom of it is the easier you make it for you clearance team the more you will save.

Disposing of your old bathroom in this way can be more cost effective and save on valuable parking space outside your property which a skip would take up. You also don't have to worry about the locals filling a skip you have paid good money for.

100% of waste collected from normal bathroom suite collections is recycled. This is done at one of the many transfer stations located around Sheffield.

Man & Van Waste Collection.

Using a rubbish removal company will take the hassle and stress out of the waste collection. If you were possibly thinking of taking it to your local waste council tip.  You would have to split all the waste up yourself to go in the correct recycling containers. you also have to remember most council sites don't allow vans in and do you really want to be filling you car with rubbish.


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