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Rubbish Removal Sheffield

Choosing a rubbish removal or property clearance company can be a hard task specially when you are looking for something you don't do every day or maybe its something you haven't done let me ask you a few questions below.

  1. Would you use a random person to fit you a boiler?
  2. When would you let a stranger borrow your car?
  3. Can you see yourself letting a joiner re wire your house?
  4. Why would you let a random person wonder around your office un supervised?


Being the largest rubbish removal company and most reviewed in the South Yorkshire region we come across all sorts of problems people have had with below average and even poor businesses in the rubbish removal and property clearance industry and let me tell you the Rubbish removal and property clearance industry has a higher than average amount of them making it ever so important to do your checks correctly and make sure you are comfortable with who you are using. Their is hundreds of horror stories online about unlicensed rubbish removal companies and even builder with a van taking a customers waste and then fly tipping it and it coming back on the customer

Have a read here for one HERE


illegal dumping of rubbish at a crossroad down a quiet country lane

Below is a Video from myself Tom Pickering i am the owner of Clearance And Clean Up Ltd we are a Sheffield based property clearance and rubbish removal company covering the whole of South Yorkshire i have attached snippet of our reviews page along with a helpful video for more info click here  

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