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Hello guys today I'd like to talk to you about fly tipping clearance Yorkshire

What is fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is where generally waste is dumped illegally in certain areas normally by unlicensed individuals homeowners tradesman and many others. One of the main problems with fly-tipping is the fact that is unsightly and it's highly expensive to tidy up.

Certain councils and authorities up and down the country spent hundreds of thousands of pounds each year cleaning up illegal fly tipping. There's certain things people can do a individuals and to reduce fly-tipping one of the things that they can do is make sure that they use a fully licensed waste removal company the second thing is making sure that they issued with the correct paperwork on completion of their rubbish being removed.

The paperwork that you should be issued with should be what they call a waste transfer note the items on a waste transfer note should include your full address your full name a brief description of the waste that been removed the contractors full name and full address and also their waste licence number which can be checked on the environment agency website.

If individuals whether that be members of the public tradesman or rubbish removal companies are found to be tipping waste in a legal areas the face of fine up to £5,000. The most popular items to be fly tipped are black bags this is based on a survey that was taken up and down the country by different councils The second most popular item was builders and tradesmen waste generally coming from refurbishment projects such as kitchens and bathrooms. In certain areas up and down the country fly-tipping seems to be on the increase some of the reasons people are giving for fly-tipping is lack of Transport the price of waste disposal and certain Council tip not allowing certain waste streams to enter and also the location of some Council tips is not ideal.

Thank you for reading my post please leave some comments with regards to why you think fly-tipping takes place how it can be reduced and any other comments that you would like to make on the above post thank you.

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