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1/4 load approx 30 black sacks (same as 4 Ton skip) £110

Ideal for small bathroom refurb jobs (inclusive of 30 minutes labour)

1/2 load approx 50 - 60 black sacks (same as 8 Ton skip) £160

Ideal for loft cellar clearance domestic furniture removal etc (inclusive of 50 minutes labour)

3/4 load approx 80 - 90 black sacks (same as 1 and a half 8 ton skips) £210

Ideal for Garage and Garden clearance jobs (inclusive of 70 minutes labour)

Full load approx 100 - 120 black sacks

(same as two 8 ton skips) £260

Ideal for large Garage clearance/House clearance etc (inclusive of 90 minutes labour)

Less than a 1/4 load quotation on request

Single items from £29

Premium items : Mattresses £9

We will also dismantle and remove old concrete/steel garages and old sheds etc 

Should you need any more information on pricing please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to help you.

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